Dreaming the Essence of God

I did not sleep well on Sunday night and in exasperation I found myself getting up at 5:00 Monday morning and going downstairs. I played a little on the computer and then laid down on the sofa to read Aristotle Papanikolaou on the divine essence and energies. Nothing like a little substantive theology to put me on the snooze. And it worked. I finally nodded off. I nodded off thinking about the essence of God.

The odd thing is that I did not realize I had fallen asleep. My mind apparently kept thinking about this subject. I thought about Moses’ experience of God on Mount Sinai, a subject I had just blogged on a few days earlier. Why, I asked myself, does God tell Moses that “man shall not see me and live”? How is this connected to the Orthodox assertion that the divine essence is imparticipable? Yes, I actually was asking myself these questions in my dream.

I then noticed an electric outlet near me. I knew that this outlet connected directly to God. Well, why not, I thought. I put my finger into the outlet.


At that moment two things happened simultaneously–a bright light burst upon my eyes and my upper torso jerked up off the sofa.

I immediately awakened.

My first three thoughts, in order, were:

Wow, I was sleeping!

Did I just have a stroke?

Did I just get an answer to my question about seeing the face of God?

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4 Responses to Dreaming the Essence of God

  1. matushkamc says:

    I would like to reassure everyone that Fr. Aidan did not, in fact, have a stroke. So now the question remains what, exactly, was God telling him?


  2. Fr Mark says:

    Whatever else God was telling you, the revelation undoubtedly includes an undeniable mandate to obtain a package of those plastic outlet-guards, available at Babies-R-Us.

    And next time, confine yourself to participating in the energies – life-transfiguring, but less lethal!


  3. Thus saith the Lord, “Thou shalt not stick thy finger in the electric socket.”


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