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Unmediated Grace?

There are many aspects of Orthodoxy that I do not understand and do not expect to understand in my lifetime. Orthodoxy is too rich and deep to be comprehended in many lifetimes, for it is nothing less than the trinitarian … Continue reading

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“I am not one of the resurrected; I am the resurrection itself”

I am the resurrection and the life, but not as the world knows them: that decaying cycle of springs and autumns, that millstone of melancholy, that aping of eternal life. All the world’s living and dying, taken together, are one … Continue reading

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“Henceforth Hell belongs to Christ”

That the Redeemer is solidary with the dead, or better, with this death which makes of the dead, for the first time, dead human beings in all reality—this is the final consequence of the redemptive mission he has received from … Continue reading

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“Good Friday”

O My chief good, How shall I measure out thy bloud? How shall I count what thee befell, And each grief tell? Shall I thy woes Number according to thy foes? Or, since one starre show’d thy first breath, Shall … Continue reading

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Awaiting Athanasius

Thanks to my series on St Isaac the Syrian, the number of visitors to Eclectic Orthodoxy jumped dramatically. If you are new to the blog, may I suggest that you take a look at the over two dozen articles on … Continue reading

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Beginning Athanasius

I have begun my reading of On the Incarnation by St Athanasius. I read it for the first time back in the late 70s when I was in seminary and then re-read it again in the late 80s on the … Continue reading

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“Christ took on Himself all the hatred, rebellion, derision, despair, all the murders, all the suicides, all the tortures”

Because of the ontological unity of Christ with the whole human race, the sacrifice was a bloody crucifixion. United with us in being and in love, Christ took on Himself all the hatred, rebellion, derision, despair—“My God, my God, why … Continue reading

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Finding the God who is Love

The love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for human beings is unconditional. This fundamental truth of the gospel bears repeating. It bears repeating because we Christians, clergy and laity, seem to forget it so easily. Yes, we know … Continue reading

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