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Eastern Orthodoxy and the Apostle Paul: Where is Justification by Faith?

[This series has been revised and republished. It can be found here.] Where is justification by faith in Eastern soteriological reflection? It’s a curious omission, given that justification is a critical theme in the epistles of the Apostle Paul. How … Continue reading

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“God, Gods, and Fairies”

One of the strangest claims often made by purveyors and consumers of today’s popular atheism is that disbelief in God involves no particular positive philosophy of reality, much less any kind of religion or creed, but consists merely in neutral … Continue reading

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“There is a way of living the words of the Gospel and the words of the saints so deeply that they become my own words”

I would like to reply to someone who questioned me as follows: “You speak of experience, of spiritual experience, of the experience of the Church. But of what concern is that to us? How does that correspond to your own … Continue reading

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“A Christian is a poet and lives amid poetry”

Take delight in all things that surround us. All things teach us and lead us to God. All things around us are droplets of the love of God—both things animate and inanimate, the plants and the animals, the birds and … Continue reading

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“For the Word of God and God wills always and in all things to accomplish the mystery of his embodiment”

By his gracious condescension God became man and is called man for the sake of man and by exchanging his condition for ours revealed the power that elevates man to God through his love for God and brings God down … Continue reading

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“In Jesus we have one who is not created but loved into existence”

In Jesus we have one who, of course, owes his being to the Father, but one who is not created but loved into existence; for, of course, it is not that the Son first exists and then is loved by … Continue reading

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When discussion of Hell becomes Hell …

I know that most readers are tired of discussions of hell and need a respite from the subject, but one of our readers raised a good question about the respective presentations on hell by Fr George Metallinos and C. S. … Continue reading

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Good Friday Vespers

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