“This gaping wound in my chest–does it heal?”

“By his wounds we are healed.” In the wounds of Christ is humanity’s healing.

Do our wounds also heal? This gaping wound in my chest–does it heal? What before I did not see, I now see; what before I did not feel, I now feel. But this raw bleeding cavity which needs so much healing, does it heal while waiting for healing? We are the body of Christ on earth. Does that mean that some of our wounds are his wounds, and that some of our wounds heal?

Is our suffering ever redemptive? I suppose the blood of the martyrs sometimes was. It was an instrument of God’s peace. But my suffering over my son, which I did not choose and would never choose: does that bring peace? How? To whom?

Is there something more to say than that death is the mortal enemy of peace? Can suffering over death–not living at peace with death but suffering in the face of death–bring peace?

Nicholas Wolterstorff

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