“A Christian is a poet and lives amid poetry”

Take delight in all things that surround us. All things teach us and lead us to God. All things around us are droplets of the love of God—both things animate and inanimate, the plants and the animals, the birds and the mountains, the sea and the sunset and the starry sky. They are little loves through which we attain to the great Love that is Christ. Flowers, for example, have their own grace: they teach us with their fragrance and with their magnificence. They speak to us of the love of God. They scatter their fragrance and their beauty on sinners and on the righteous.

For a person to become a Christian he must have a poetic soul. He must become a poet. Christ does not wish insensitive souls in His company. A Christian, albeit only when he loves, is a poet and lives amid poetry. Poetic hearts embrace love and sense it deeply.

Elder Porphyrios

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5 Responses to “A Christian is a poet and lives amid poetry”

  1. Rhonda says:

    Very nice! My mother loved poetry & she began reading poetry to me while I was still in the womb. I still love to read it myself. Thanks, Fr.


  2. Tracy McCollough says:

    Thank you for this post. It has taken me many years to slow down long enough to see the beauty that surrounds me. Yet, my two year old grand-daughter already does. I played back a small video of her playing outdoors and she said, “Oh Nanny, do you hear the birds singing?” I had been so focused on her I hadn’t, but now I do…


  3. May God give us poetic hearts.


  4. Thank You for your kind words. I am an International Poet. Yes, poetic hearts
    embrace Love and sense i deeply.


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