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Eunomius and his Simple God

Since the mid-second century, Christian theologians have described the substance of God as simple. At the most basic level they have meant by this term that God is incomposite being. He is not composed of parts nor can be divided … Continue reading

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An Orthodox Appreciation of T. F. Torrance

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What is Hell?

I thought this was a thoughtful discussion.

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An Avalanche

Being an ascetic failure myself, I do not usually blog on spiritual topics. I have no wisdom to offer. I came across this article the other day and thought my readers might find it of interest and worthy of discussion.

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Unbegetting the Eunomian God

“God is unbegotten substance,” declares Eunomius. When we say this, we are stating a precise definition of God and thus comprehending him as he truly is. Eunomius certainly does not mean to suggest that we thus know God exhaustively and … Continue reading

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The Unbegotten Eunomius

Eunomius begins his Apology with a traditional creedal statement: We believe in one God, the Father almighty, from whom are all things; And in one only-begotten Son of God, God the Word, our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all … Continue reading

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“The full sweetness of earth is Christ’s humanity, the full sweetness of heaven Christ’s Spirit”

Today’s holy solemnity puts new heart into us, for not only do we revere its dignity, we also experience it as delightful. On this feast it is love that we specially honor, and among human beings there is no word … Continue reading

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Kallistos Ware on Salvation

Originally posted on Classically Christian:
While not as far-reaching as John Michael Talbot’s, Kallistos Ware’s beard is still magnificent One of the things that sometimes drives me crazy is when an Eastern Orthodox or Roman Catholic writer says, ‘Protestants believe…

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