“Liturgy and Eschatology” by Alexander Schmemann

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2 Responses to “Liturgy and Eschatology” by Alexander Schmemann

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you. This article gave me a sense of peace in the God is redeeming – and I am part of that redemption – no matter what my life circumstances are now..


  2. Rhonda says:

    Fr. Schmemann became & remains my favorite Orthodox author by far after I read For the Life of the World as a catechumen with Vladimir Lossky being a very close second. I own & have read most of what these two great men wrote. Fr. Schmemann was particularly expressive of what I have witnessed throughout my life, both pre- & post-Chrismation, regards our post-modern, post-Christian era. I have seen this article by him before; it is chapter 6 of his work Liturgy & Tradition.

    I agree with his call to return to “lex orandi lex credendi”…or IOW a return to worship in the liturgical tradition. Worship, prayer, church attendance & even spiritual reading is viewed as unnecessary in the grand scheme of salvation for so many. Even among the Orthodox there can be a tendency for rote performance of Confession & Holy Communion that lies outside of true worship & thus true belief.


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