An Avalanche

Being an ascetic failure myself, I do not usually blog on spiritual topics. I have no wisdom to offer. I came across this article the other day and thought my readers might find it of interest and worthy of discussion.

Orthodox Ruminations

ImageMany of you know that I have been reading Kyriacos Markides’ book “The Mountain of Silence”. I am greatly enjoying his journey with the spiritual elder, Father Maximos. At one point, they are discussing what Christ came to do while He was here and what His real mission was. Father Maximos says:

What the Ecclesia primarily teaches is the means through which a human soul may attain Christification, its saintliness, its union with God. The ultimate goal is to become perfect in the same way as our Heavenly Father is perfect, to become one with God. Christ didn’t come into the world to teach us how to become good fellows, how to behave properly, or how to live a righteous life in this world. Nor did He come to offer us a book, even if this book is called the Bible or New Testament…He came to the world to give…

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3 Responses to An Avalanche

  1. Thank you Father for reblogging this. I greatly appreciate you taking time to read and reblog. Blessings.


  2. Rhonda says:

    A very interesting read!

    “ascetic failure”…nice to know that I’m not alone 😉


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