“Calling God ‘Father'” by Donald Hook and Alvin Kimel

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3 Responses to “Calling God ‘Father'” by Donald Hook and Alvin Kimel

  1. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    Don and I wrote this piece almost twenty years ago. Reading through it again after all these years, I think it still is of some interest.


  2. PJ says:

    I had never understood the profundity of this blessed Name until I heard it discussed by converts to Christianity (albeit evangelical Christianity) from Islam. In Allah, they had known only servitude to a Master. In the Father, they knew sonship before a loving Parent. We so easily forget the power of this Name, in part because we foolishly believe that God’s “Fatherhood” refers only to His role as Creator and Sustainer. After all, even Zeus was “Father of All” in such a manner. Rather, as you say, Fr. Kimel, his Fatherhood lies truly in our adoption as sons in the Only-Begotten Son through the Spirit.


  3. elijahmaria says:

    I’ve had the book for about the same 20 years. Don’t even remember where or what prompted me to pick it up and read it, but I enjoyed it then and still refer to it on occasion. Sometimes I have wondered why you don’t haul it out and talk about it now and then.


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