John Climacus: Love is an Abyss of Illumination; Love is a Fountain of Fire

Enlarging the Heart

ClimacusHe who loves the Lord has first loved his brother, because the second is a proof of the first.

One who loves his neighbour can never tolerate slanderers, but rather runs from them as from fire.

He who says that he loves the Lord but is angry with his brother is like a man who dreams that he is running.

The power of love is in hope, because by it we await the reward of love.

Hope is a wealth of hidden riches. Hope is a treasure of assurance of the treasure in store for us.

It is a rest from labours; it is the door of love; it is the superannuation of despair; it is an image of what is absent.

The failure of hope is the disappearance of love. Toils are bound by it. Labours depend on it. Mercy encircles it.

A monk of good hope is a…

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