A report from Nottingham

I well remember my visit to Nottingham, England back in the mid-80s. My family and I were staying in Lincoln. I took the train to Nottingham and visited with Thomas Smail, a Scottish theologian whose books and articles I had read but had never met or even corresponded with. He was gracious and hospitable. I do not remember what we talked about. I suspect we talked about the Holy Spirit and the unconditionality of grace. I was disappointed that there was no Sherwood Forest to be seen.

David Mosely is working on his Ph.D. at the University of Nottingham and shares his thoughts and reflections on his blog Letters from Nottingham. In his most recent article he cites the most popular of his articles over the past year, and then mentions some of his favorite blogs. I am honored that Eclectic Orthodoxy is included in his list. Thank you, Sir.

David and I share a common interest in Tolkien and Lewis and the mythopoeic imagination.

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  1. Father Aidan,

    Thanks for the shout-out on your blog. I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now, so it’s nice to know that you like mine as well. Also, I should note, we have much more than an interest in ‘Tolkien and Lewis and the mythopoeic imagination,’ alone. My PhD is on deification which means I spend a lot of time with the Greek Church Fathers (as well as many other people). Anyway, thanks again. You’ve sent many people over to my blog. I pray I do the same for you.



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