Conversations with Poppi: Is Heaven Boring?

Solveig: So when we get to heaven and we’re going to live forever, won’t it get sort of tiresome?  You’ll be there forever and ever and ever and ever and ever …

Poppi: That isn’t exactly what the Bible says.

S: All right …

P:It isn’t as if the kingdom of God were just the same thing going on and on and on. When I was just about your age, I was sitting in a pew listening to the preacher, who happened to be my father. He was talking about heaven and hell, and I sat there thinking like you—if heaven just goes on and on and on, and hell goes on and on and on, there’s not a whole lot of difference between them.

S: There’s no pleasure at all.

P: But what the Bible really talks about finally is being taken into the life of God himself, and the life of God is just, as it were, one big excitement, a kind of explosion of excitement.

S: So it’s like the excitement of getting something you have always wanted—that kind of excitement.

P: Or the excitement of giving something you’ve always wanted to give.

S: Or the excitement of sitting in your grandpa’s lap.

P: You like that, do you? I’m happy.  Now, you know there is something to that.  Just think about an absolutely perfect grandpa.  Your present grandpa … (laughter)

S: You’re pretty perfect.

P: Thank you very much, but only pretty perfect?  An absolutely perfect grandpa …

S: Would be … An absolutely perfect grandpa would have to be …

P: God.

S: God is our father.  So he would have to have a father, right?

P: Well … I don’t suppose God is a father and a different grandfather … that could go on forever.

Robert W. Jenson, Conversations with Poppi

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