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Conversations with Poppi: Crucifixion and Atonement

Poppi: What do you want to talk about? Solveig: I want to talk about the crucifixion. P: Do you want me to just start talking about the crucifixion, or … S: Yes. And then I’ll interrupt and ask questions. P: Well, … Continue reading

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Met Anthony Bloom on Prayer

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Conversations with Poppi: Creation for Jesus

Solveig: I’m sure God knew everything that we think of.  I’m sure he knew way back in the twelve-hundreds there would be electricity.  I’m sure he knew about calculus before there was even math. Poppi: What would you say if … Continue reading

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Michael Ramsey: The Most Interesting Theologian in the World

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Conversations with Poppi: Baptism and the Spirit

Solveig: Bring up something. Poppi: Let’s talk about communion some more. S: Okay. But why don’t we talk about baptism? That’s a lot more interesting as a conversation. P: You think so? Why? S: Well, communion to me is just one basic fact; … Continue reading

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Conversations with Poppi

Robert W. Jenson is one of the most important, creative, and erudite American theologians of the past thirty years.  His theology can be described as idiosyncratic at points; but it is always at these points that he challenges our inherited … Continue reading

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N. T. Wright on Life after Life After Death

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