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Richard Bauckham on the Divinity of Christ

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John Behr on the Trinity

The Trinity: Scripture and the Greek Fathers by the Very Rev. John Behr Some 30 years ago, Karl Rahner claimed that most Christians are “mere monotheists,” that if the doctrine of the Trinity proved to be false, the bulk of … Continue reading

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Can Analytic Philosophers Be Saved?

My tongue must be firmly placed in my check, for surely—surely!—there is one possible world in which analytic philosophers are in fact saved. Perhaps this world is that one. Perhaps. The question wickedly crossed my mind while I perused a … Continue reading

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1) God is not Odin 2) What is Orthodox Hell? 3) St Isaac the Syrian: Preaching the Astonishing Love of God 4) Universal Salvation: What Are the Odds? 5) St Isaac the Syrian: The Triumph of the Kingdom Over Gehenna … Continue reading

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Reply to Dale Tuggy regarding ancient Jewish monotheism

Ben Nasmith discusses Richard Bauckham’s analysis of Jewish monotheism in relation to the doctrine of the Trinity. He hits the nail on the head when he writes, “divinity is an absolute category.” Exactly! The great contribution of the Cappadocian Fathers … Continue reading

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Inclusive and Exclusive Monotheism

In his essay “The ‘Most High’ God and the Nature of Early Jewish Monotheism,” Richard Bauckham helpfully distinguishes between inclusive and exclusive monotheism. Inclusive monotheism declares the God is the highest being within the class of deities to which he … Continue reading

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Richard Bauckham on Christological Monotheism

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Sussex Carol

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