We are relationship to God

A few weeks ago I came across a blog article by Fr Robert Barron on the creatio ex nihilo. One paragraph in particular jumped out at me:

Creatures do not so much have a relationship to God; they are relationship to God. Nothing in a creature exists independently of, or prior to, God’s creative act, and hence no creature stands, as it were, over and against God, simply in a relationship to God. Instead every aspect of a creature’s being is already constituted by God’s creative will. This is why Meister Eckhart, the great medieval mystic, could say that the best metaphor for the spiritual life is not so much the climbing of a holy mountain in order to get to a distant God, but rather the “sinking into” God.

I suspect I am not alone in thinking of myself and others as having a relationship to God, as if it were something I can choose, or not choose, to have.

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  1. Fr Robert is amazing. I have a good friend who became Catholic because of his videos


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