“A Child’s Christmas in Wales”

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6 Responses to “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”

  1. How do you find faith after your what happened to your son?


  2. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    My son’s death devastated my life and the lives of my wife and children. I have never known such sorrow. It was as if there was nothing left of me but the sorrow.

    How do I have faith? I do not know how to answer the question. I do not know whether I have faith or not. How would one know?

    My prayer life, such as it is, has pretty much become the Jesus Prayer:

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me.

    Christmas was hard, so very hard.


    • jrj1701 says:

      Father bless,
      Thank you for sharing this, I know that it can be very hard to reveal your true feelings in front of the whole world, I empathize with your pain and almost strapped on the shiny armor, that BTW I keep meaning to get rid of, and do battle with newenglandsun for being so insensitive (nothing personal newenglandsun) yet I decided to do what has been taught to me (BTW you are one of those helping teach me right from wrong) and be patient. You replied honestly and with courage. That tells me that despite your doubts that you have been given an amount of faith and strength to overcome what is thrown at you. That is inspirational. I share this with you because in the middle of the fight that we all face it is a good thing to be reminded that you are doing the right thing. You are in my feeble prayers and thank you very much.


    • Forgive me. I meant no harm in my question. I’ve been struggling with the problem of evil recently even though I don’t have any major losses of my own. I just know of other people’s losses and it brings me great pain to see this hurt.


      • Fr Aidan Kimel says:

        Not to worry, Robert. It’s not as if your question could in any way make my grief any worse than it is.


  3. Chris Williams says:

    Fr Kimel, I read your blog from time to time about a decade ago. I am so sorry to hear of the suffering you’ve had to endure. I have had my own dark knight of the soul, lost God and found God beyond God, whilst all the questions remain, and I’m content to find God/delusion in all things, especially suffering. I wish you well.


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