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“Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb”

Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb, Now leaves His well-belov’d imprisonment, There He hath made Himself to His intent Weak enough, now into the world to come; But O, for thee, for Him, hath the inn no room? Yet lay … Continue reading

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“The pre-eternal and uncircumscribed and almighty Word is now born according to the flesh”

This is the Festival of the virgin birth! Our address must be exalted therefore in accordance with the greatness of the feast, and enter into the mystery, as far as this is accessible and permissible, and time allows, that something … Continue reading

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Divine Simplicity Sure Ain’t Simple

One line in particular jumped out at me while reading David Bentley Hart’s The Experience of God two weeks ago: “It seems obvious to me that a denial of divine simplicity is tantamount to atheism” (p. 128). Oh no. I … Continue reading

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“One therefore is He Who both before the Incarnation was Very God and in the human nature hath remained That He was and is and shall be”

Desiring to investigate the Mystery of the economy with flesh of the Only Begotten, we say this, holding true doctrine and right faith, that the Word Himself out of God the Father, Very God out of Very God, the Light … Continue reading

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Tuggy, Christ, and the Gospel of Mark (Part 2)

“My second question is, if meaning-making of the recorded texts is the actual intended reason for their recording, would reading the texts with such an interpretive frame bring one to the Trinity doctrine by default? Bishop John Shelby Spong, Marcus … Continue reading

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Tuggy, Christ, and the Gospel of Mark

I wasn’t planning on doing any more blogging until after Christmas, but Dale Tuggy’s recent articles on Jesus and the Gospel of Mark encouraged me to leave a lengthy comment on his blog. It then occurred to me that I … Continue reading

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“The Cultivation of Christmas Trees”

by T. S. Eliot. There are several attitudes towards Christmas, Some of which we may disregard: The social, the torpid, the patently commercial, The rowdy (the pubs being open till midnight), And the childish – which is not that of … Continue reading

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Fr John Behr on Becoming Human

Fr John recently published Becoming Human. It’s a lovely book, intended for spiritual reading and meditation.

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