Michael Ramsey on the Incarnation

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  1. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    Bishop Ramsey lectured at my seminary for two terms, once during my junior year (Fall 1977) and once during my senior year (Spring 1980 [I think I’m right about that, though it may have been the Fall term]).

    On the day of his arrival in 1977 (before classes had begun) I saw him walking the grounds. I recognized him from his pictures and walked over and introduced myself. He was very cordial. I built up my courage and asked him and his wife, Lady Ramsey, to come over to dinner the following evening. He immediately accepted. I then went back to our apartment in the Flats and informed Christine: “Dear, I’ve invited a couple over for dinner tomorrow night.” ” Oh really. Who?” “Archbishop Michael Ramsey and his wife.” “What?!”

    I’m happy to say that the next time he visited Nashotah House, we were the first family once again to invite the Ramseys over to dinner. They were a joy.

    More memories later …


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