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Charles Williams and the Mysticism of the Graal

War in Heaven is often recommended as the first novel one should pick up as introduction to the fiction of Charles Williams. Having just re-read it, I have to concur. Not that it is always easy. None of Williams’s novels … Continue reading

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Larry Hurtado and the gods

I do not understand what Larry Hurtado, summarizing a forthcoming scholarly article, means when he writes of the 2nd Temple period: I engage the terminological issue of whether and/or how “monotheism” can be a suitable term for ancient Jewish religious … Continue reading

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St Nicolas Cabasilas on the Theotokos

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G. K. Chesterton: The Most Interesting Theologian in the World

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Who Is The Christian God?

Originally posted on The Evangelical Calvinist:
*Here is a post I once wrote about a year or so ago at another blog of mine; I thought I’d respost it here I have become inspired once again to talk about my…

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God, Jerry Coyne and the unread David B. Hart

David B. Hart’s The Experience of God must be an impressive book. It must be, because even without having read it, atheist Jerry A. Coyne has begun to attack it. He assures us he has ordered a copy (and will … Continue reading

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St Basil Redux

In case you inexplicably missed my blog articles on four of St Basil’s trinitarian homilies, I suggest that you really do want to read them now. Close your eyes and listen to the quiet drone of my voice. You want … Continue reading

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