William E. Carroll on Creation and the Big Bang

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9 Responses to William E. Carroll on Creation and the Big Bang

  1. i’m confused…what’s the big bang have to do with jesus?


    • Fr Aidan Kimel says:

      If the universe was created through and by Jesus, then the Big Bang might have something to do with him. 🙂

      But Carroll’s key argument is that cosmological theories like the Big Bang are not to be confused with God’s act of Creation.


  2. Kim Fabricius says:

    Thanks for posting this lecture. It’s great to have in a (Julianic hazel-) nutshell a comprehensive critique of the various confusions, fallacies, and category mistakes among both scientists and theologians on the subject of “creation”, and some constructive (Thomistic) thinking as well.


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    Great video by William E. Carroll


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