William E. Carroll on Darwin and Evolution

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3 Responses to William E. Carroll on Darwin and Evolution

  1. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    Those who prefer to read a paper rather than listen to a lecture, may find helpful Carroll’s article “Creation, Evolution, and Thomas Aquinas.”


  2. Reblogged this on Teilhard de Chardin and commented:
    Another great video by William E. Carroll courtesy of the blog Eclectic Orthodoxy. An article on this topic can be found here.


  3. Ponder Anew says:

    thank you for this! Regarding “a world in which the natural processes are explicable in their own terms does not challenge the role of the Creator.” Bittersweet!- because it reminds me of Fr Barron’s comment that Aquinas said sacred scripture must be viewed in light of ongoing scientific discoveries. Wonderful. But must tread this valley very carefully and patiently with fundamental believer friends of mine, this statement is like they are hearing heresy. A true Lenten path for me 🙂


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