A Prayer for Gentleness

You want me to learn from you
Gentleness of heart.
No matter how I fail you,
Your gentleness never fails me.
You are slow to anger;
Your kindness is without limit.
You tell me not to be distressed,
To make your gentleness my own
So that my soul may find rest.
Give me the wisdom to make time in my day
For a gentle nursing of my soul.
Free me from arrogance,
From goals too sublime for me.
Still and quiet my soul
As a mother quiets the little ones on her lap.
Free me from the need for achievement.
Make my life less forceful, more gentle,
Centered in you alone.
Let the splendor of your presence
Light up my everydayness.
Make me a smooth channel for the outflow
Of your Divine Will in this world.

Fr Adrian van Kaam

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  2. Michael Schleyer says:

    That is such a lovely prayer, Sir. I must commend you on your site. I am currently a traditional Catholic, but since the beginning of Lent, I have been strongly drawn to Eastern Orthodoxy and have begun to explore it. I feel as though my prayers for greater faith are beginning to be answered. I will certainly be stopping back here often.

    God bless you.


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