“The story of Life imparted its voice into the apostolic group”

The disciples saw that the Slaughtered One was not there in the tomb
and they believed that He had risen, and they became confirmed in the things revealed.
They saw the covering of borrowed garments placed aside by Him,
and they had perceived that He had clothed himself in glory and manly power.
They saw the resurrection and they became confirmed on account of its effects;
and they clothed themselves in power so that they might become mouth-pieces for His proclamation.
They saw that the region of death had been trodden under foot at the Resurrection of the dead.
Then they returned to become witnesses in the world about the resurrection.
They saw that birthpangs had struck Sheol and it gave birth to Life
and they accepted upon themselves to become advocates of the Truth to the new world.
They returned from the tomb with confidence to their companions
while the proclamation about His victory was resounding within them.
The lambs spoke about the Shepherd together with their brethren
saying, “He has risen up with power”; let us have no fear of the robbers.
Consolation rose up among the disciples and it made them joyful,
because they were confirmed in the Resurrection of the Slaughtered Master.
The story of Life imparted its voice into the apostolic group.
The tidings of death were put out by the Resurrection that was proclaimed.
The Resurrection of the Son set the peoples free from error.
Blessed is the Slaughtered One who gave us life through His crucifixion.

St Jacob of Sarug

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