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Jerry Coyne and his Anthropomorphic God

Weekends are always slow blog days, at least when it comes to people reading blogs. Hence I like to restrict (when possible) my more substantive pieces to Mondays through Thursdays. So how about a little Jerry Coyne filler today? Today … Continue reading

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Question of the Day: Immorality vs Sin

Assume that even in a Godless world, there is such a thing as immoral acts: What is the difference between an immoral act and a sinful act?

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Oecumenical Grace: The Protestant Gospel

Compared to the previous chapters in The Theology of Grace and the Oecumenical Movement, the chapter devoted to the Protestant understanding of grace is too brief and to my mind unsatisfactory. In the ecumenical dialogue from which this book arose, … Continue reading

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Oecumenical Grace: Catholicism and the Divine Life

After briefly reviewing the medieval Latin reflection on uncreated and created grace in their book The Theology of Grace and the Oecumenical Movement (everything in this little book is brief, too brief!), Charles Mœller and Gérard Philips propose that a … Continue reading

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Scot McKnight and the Immortality of the Soul

Scot McKnight is blogging on hell, with particular reference to a position that is becoming increasingly popular in evangelicalism—conditional immortality. He is reviewing an essay by Glenn A. Peoples. It’s often unclear to me when McKnight it speaking in his … Continue reading

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Oecumenical Grace: Roman Catholicism and Created Grace

We begin with St Augustine of Hippo. Of course. His reflections on the mystery of grace have been determinative for Western Christianity. He taught the Latin Church that from beginning to end the Christian life is completely dependent upon the … Continue reading

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A Prayer for my Son

O God of all spirits and all flesh, Who have destroyed death, overcome the Devil, and given life to the world, grant, O Lord, to the soul of your servant Aaron, who has departed from this life, that it may … Continue reading

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