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Christos Yannaras: The God who is Person & Love

I had not planned to walk over to my bookshelf and pull out my unread copy of The Freedom of Morality. Christos Yannaras, through no fault of his own, simply was not on my must-read-in-the-next-decade list. So many books, not … Continue reading

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2014 in review

WordPress helpfully provides a year-end review for each of its blogs. In 2014 Eclectic Orthodoxy saw a 36% increase in views from 2013. That’s very encouraging. But three out of the top five of my most popular articles were written … Continue reading

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“The Golden Key” by George MacDonald

I read “The Golden Key” in October while on holiday in the Smoky Mountains.  I thought that I would write a short blog article on it when I returned home but found it difficult to put my thoughts and feelings … Continue reading

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Should Christians Celebrate the Birth of Paul, Not Jesus?

Over at his blog, scholar James Tabor directs us to a short article he wrote two years ago: “Should Christians Celebrate the Birth of Paul, Not Jesus?” I find it a curious article. It posits a radical discontinuity between the … Continue reading

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“He raises up nature to himself, making it another mystery”

“The one who is eternally beyond being is not less overflowing with transcendent being”: for having become man he is not subject to nature, rather on the contrary he raises up nature to himself, making it another mystery, for he … Continue reading

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In the Bleak Midwinter

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A Most Happy Christmas Morning to You and Yours

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“Breathless was the air over Bethlehem”

The Turn of the Tide by C. S. Lewis Breathless was the air over Bethlehem. Black and bare Were the fields; hard as granite the clods; Hedges stiff with ice; the sedge in the vice Of the pool, like pointed … Continue reading

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