The Impossibility of Atheism

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2 Responses to The Impossibility of Atheism

  1. Oz says:

    That’s what D.B. Hart tries to get across as well. At least this is one of the things I got from his book “The Experience of God”. He mainly makes a case for theism I’d say, not necessarily one for the Christian religion in particular. And, if I also got that right, he even says that he agrees with atheists insofar that the god of the fundamentalists doesn’t exist. Also, he seems to acknowledge certain emotional reasons for being an atheist, as opposed to philosophical or scientific ones.


  2. Michael Bauman says:

    Without an encounter with the living God all belief remains hypothetical at best idolatrous at worst. Unfortunately atheists think they are demolish idols when they are creating an idol of their own thoughts and feelings.


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