The Heaven of Christ

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  1. Dallas Wolf says:

    I think coinherence is a wonderful is such a wonderful metaphor; especially at its Trinitarian zenith.


  2. Ryan says:


    Have you heard of the Sibylline Oracles? Composed between about 180 BC and 270 AD, they were oft-cited and well-respected by the likes of Theophilus, Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Eusebius, and Augustine.

    There’s a portion of the Oracles that references the righteous in heaven praying for the wicked in hell. After a time, God answers the prayers of those in heaven by rescuing those in hell from ‘eternal’ torment, ‘immortal’ agonies, and the ‘unwearied flame’. Some scholars date this portion of the oracles to as early as 80 AD.

    Here’s a section from an old book on the topic:


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