“The Experience of God” by David B. Hart: a non-review

Given the blog’s recent focus on the metaphysics of theism, I thought it apropos to reblog my five-part review of David Hart’s book The Experience of God. Enjoy!

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Even if I knew how to properly review a book (which I do not), I would still not know how to review The Experience of God by David Bentley Hart. Is it a work of theology? Yes. Is it a work of philosophy and a critique of modern philosophy? Yes. Is it a cutting polemic directed against atheism, materialism, naturalism, ideology, and every form of superficial thinking that refuses to wrestle with the critical metaphysical questions of existence? Yes. Is it a work of deep and sometimes profound spiritual reflection? Yes. Is it a book that is well beyond my competence to review? Absolutely yes.

Hence I will not even attempt a review. Instead I will share a few brief ponderings about The Experience of God. My hope is that this series will provoke you to read this book. If you should do so, one piece of advice: do…

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