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We’re all bastards but God loves us anyway

Though it has been many years since I last opened its cover, Brother to a Dragonfly remains one of my favorite books. I think I read it in seminary or shortly thereafter. I’m not sure who recommended it to me, … Continue reading

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The Unconditionality of Divine Love and the Universalist Hope

[This article has been significantly revised and republished under the title “Apokatastasis and the Radical Vision of Unconditional Divine Love.] What is at stake in the universalist/infernalist debate? Perhaps the best way to answer this is to first identify what … Continue reading

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René Girard Hits Popular Culture

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George MacDonald and the Love of Jesus

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Orthodoxy and the Damnation of the Damned

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
Last night I was reading a tract titled Juridical Justification Theology by Dr Kharalambos Anstall and Fr Michael Azkoul. The authors express what has now become recognized as the Orthodox understanding of perdition: It can…

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Debating Universalism: The Need to Do One’s Homework

“Therefore the question that must be asked is what, positively, do the Holy Scriptures in their fullness teach regarding the nature of the final condemnation and its duration.” This is the task that Fr Stephen De Young sets out to … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Deluge

Fr Stephen De Young’s invocation of the story of Noah and the Ark as critique of apokatastasis got me wondering how I might preach this story. I did in fact preach a series of sermons on it back in the late … Continue reading

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Universalism and the Deluge of Condemnation

In his article “Hell (Unfortunately) Yes,” Fr Stephen De Young invites us to judge the universalist hope according to the biblical witness. Specifically, what does the Bible teaching about “the nature of the condemnation issued when Christ comes to judge … Continue reading

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