René Girard: The Most Interesting Theologian in the World

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3 Responses to René Girard: The Most Interesting Theologian in the World

  1. tgbelt says:

    Girard is a theologian?


  2. Jonathan says:

    From a theological perspective, since we’re calling him a theologian here, some folks might find interesting this brief First Things interview with Girard from seven or eight years ago:

    The interview shows him to be the Incarnational thinker that he is. I suppose Girard says a few things here that might explain why he’s not more popular (different of course from being well known) among the intellectual establishment.

    There’s also this interview, from around the same time. Well, it’s sort of an interview:

    Again, should be pretty clear why the intellectual establishment marginalizes him. Only a problem, obviously, if one has respect for the intellectual establishment.


  3. meshell2001 says:

    I keep seeing this picture on my facebook news feed, and every time I think, “Dude looks like Dracula.” Never heard of him, but he’s looks creepy. 🙂


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