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Why Think that God’s Grace is Insufficient for Apokatastasis?

In his recent blog article “Universalism and our Subpar World?” philosopher Jeff Cook raises the following question: Why think the purgatorial fires experienced in this life are insufficient for every soul to experience the vile weight of sin and its … Continue reading

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“All of God’s activity partakes of creating”

Narratives of divine action oscillate between two poles. In one series God is asserted (1) to be the real author of all that happens, be it good or evil, and to be so despite the appearances of genuine human agency. … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Rethinking of Transcendence

In his recent article “Rethinking Transcendence,” Greg Boyd invites us to reconsider our understanding of divinity in light of God’s self-revelation in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ: Consider, would it ever occur to anyone to think that God is “above” … Continue reading

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Robert Jenson on St Augustine and the Logic of Grace

Augustine’s fundamental insight, against Pelagians or Arminians (full, semi-, demi-semi-, or whatever) is veridical: theology that makes my conversion, or my subsequent persevering in sanctity or growing in it, dependent on my own decision to seek holiness or on my … Continue reading

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“The providential ellipticality of election’s course vastly widens its embrace”

Throughout the book of Genesis, the pattern of God’s election is persistently, even perversely antinomian: Ever and again the elder to whom the birthright properly belongs is supplanted by the younger, whom God has chosen in defiance of all natural … Continue reading

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Christ Triumphant by Thomas Allin

An annotated version of Thomas Allin’s classic work Christ Triumphant has been published by Wipf & Stock. Allin was a 19th century Anglican priest who became persuaded of “the larger hope.” His book, first published in 1885, went through eleven editions. … Continue reading

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David B. Hart on Creatio ex Nihilo and Apokatastasis

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Alvin Plantinga: The Most Interesting Theologian in the World

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