Thinking Trinity: No God Behind the Back of Jesus

The conclusion of last year’s series on the Incarnation: there are decisive evangelical reasons to confess the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. If Jesus Christ is not God, consubstantial with the Father, there simply is no gospel and thus no reason to be a Christian.

Eclectic Orthodoxy

What if the Nicene assertion of Christ’s Jesus’ consubstantial unity with the Father is not true? In the previous article I focused on the story of the paralytic and Christ’s word of forgiveness and argued that if Christ is not one in being and agency with God, then his word of forgiveness is only a human word, lacking ultimate validity and redemptive power. A prophet may speak in the name of God; but his word remains at infinite remove from the transcendent Creator whom he represents. A prophet may speak promise and judgment on behalf of YHWH; but he cannot command the seas and recreate the cosmos. The word of the prophet is not homoousios with the eternal Word.

One might expand upon this theme in various ways. If Christ is not consubstantial with the Father, then his death on Golgotha is not the death of God for the sins…

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