“In heaven, the Watchers; in the depths, man; in the air, glory: when the Virgin Mary was buried as one deceased”

On this day Adam rejoices and Eve his wife,
because their daughter rests in the place where they are gathered.

On this day the righteous Noah and Abraham rejoice
that their daughter has visited them in their dwelling-place.

On this day Jacob, the honourable old man, rejoices
that the daughter who sprouted from his root has called him to life.

On this day the twelve just sons of the lame one
rejoice greatly and are glad in that she visited them.

On this day let also Judah rejoice greatly,
for behold the daughter who has given life, went forth from his loins.

On this day let Joseph rejoice and the great Moses,
for one young maiden has called all mankind to life.

On this day let Aaron rejoice and Eliezer
and all the tribe of the sons of Levi with their priesthood.

On this day let David the renowned forefather rejoice,
because the daughter who was from him, has placed a glorious crown on his head.

On this day let Samuel rejoice with Jeremiah,
because the daughter of Judah dropped dew on their bones.

Come Ezekiel, trained in prophetic revelation,
if the thing that has occurred is described in your prophecy!

On this day let also Isaiah the prophet rejoice,
because she whom he prophesied, behold she visits him in the place of the dead.

On this day all the prophets lifted their heads from their graves,
because they saw the light which shone forth on them.

They saw that death is disquieted and flees from them;
and that the gates of heaven are opened again and the depths of the earth.

The prophets, the apostles, the martyrs and the priests who were gathered together,
also the teachers and the patriarchs and the righteous ones of old!

In heaven, the Watchers; in the depths, man; in the air, glory:
when the Virgin Mary was buried as one deceased.

A light shone on that company of disciples,
also on her neighbours and her relations and her kindred.

The heavenly company performed their “Holy, Holy, Holy,”
unto the glorious soul of this Mother of the Son of God.

Fiery seraphim surrounded the soul of the departed
and raised the loud sounds of their joyful shouts.

They shouted and said: “Lift up, O gates, all your heads,
because the Mother of the King seeks to enter the bridal chamber of light.

Heaven was full of the sweet music of the angels,
but the depths were troubled, together with the disciples who were filled with grief.

The church on high and that below cried out with one hymn,
for neither those above nor those below could suffice to tell of her.

The ranks of that exalted assembly cried out
from this one to that one, that they might shout their praises.

The air dropped living rain on the bones
of the sons of the Church, daughter of the Arameans, who did not deny her.

She wove a beautiful crown and set it on her sublime head
on which valuable pearls were laid.

The name of Christ the King who was crucified on Golgotha,
grants life and sheds forth mercy on the one who invokes Him.

And also on me a sinner who is not capable of praising her,
the Mother of mercy, who brought You forth in the flesh.

O Son of God, by her prayers make your peace to dwell
in heaven, in the depths, and among all the counsels of her sons.

Make wars to cease, and remove trials and plagues;
bestow calm and tranquility on seafarers.

Heal the infirm, cure the sick, fill the hungry;
be a Father to orphans whom death has left destitute.

In your pity, drive out devils who harass mankind,
and exalt your Church to the four quarters of the globe, that it may sing your praise.

Watch over priests and purify ministers;
be a guardian of old age and youth.

O Bridegroom Christ, to you be praise from every mouth,
and on us be mercy at all times. Amen. Amen.

St Jacob of Sarug

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