Gregory of Nyssa on Infinitude and “Unknowing”

by Charles Twombly

Greg of Nyssa
Had a thought,
But when he said it,
It was not.
He might surmise
Always had
A larger size.
He wondered how
To fill in spaces.
But all he got
Was apophasis.
Greeks like limits,
Things with edges;
Greg saw space
Without the hedges.
How to speak
Without some boundaries?
Our God-talk is
A bunch of floundaries.
Give it up!
Enjoy the ride!
God’s “outer” expands
When you’re inside.

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1 Response to Gregory of Nyssa on Infinitude and “Unknowing”

  1. I think that Gregory of Nyssa was one of the greatest of early church saints and theologians. He believed and taught the final appocatastasis. It wasn’t until Augustine that alimited atonement and everlasting hell began to be taught as a Roman church tradition and doctrine. I believe Augustine was heavily influnced by the Manacheans, which he was a part of for 10 years or so; and/or believed in using the “doctrine of reserve” (hiding some biblical truths from the masses and teaching something else in its place, using the Scripture–“don’t cast your pearls before swine” to justify it).


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