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At Liberty to Become Free

by Pastor Thomas Belt Many thanks to Fr Adian for the invitation to share my views on the controversial subject of “free will.” I’m grateful for Fr Aidan’s friendship, the encouraging conversations we have, and his kindness in allowing me … Continue reading

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An Interview with Ilaria Ramelli

Also read this short article on Dr Ramelli: “A Light to Our Community.”

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Searching for Our Human Face: Wasteland

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. Everyone knows (so why investigate?) that the medieval world was dismissive of the earth. Silly jibes about angels dancing on the heads of pins are used to discredit an entire civilization. And then it is … Continue reading

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‘The Logic of Hell’ by Jürgen Moltmann

The logic of hell is nothing other than the logic of human free will, in so far as this is identical with freedom of choice. The theological argument runs as follows: ‘God whose being is love preserves our human freedom,…

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“To see the good truly is to desire it insatiably”

Currently, the most popular way of defending the notion of an eternal torment is an appeal to creaturely freedom and to God’s respect for its dignity, but there could scarcely be a poorer argument—whether it’s made crudely as by William … Continue reading

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Searching for Our Human Face: The Nihilism of the Voluntarist Will

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. One gets the sense from contemporary pedagogy that freedom and rights are the most precious things that a culture can bestow on its people. Young people know all about MLK and Rosa Parks and seem … Continue reading

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Jerry Walls: Is Hell a Place You’d Ever Want to Visit?

Universalists do not necessarily deny Gehenna. Thomas Talbott is case in point. He believes that it is possible for human beings to reject God. Those who die in their rejection will find themselves in a post-mortem condition of suffering. We can … Continue reading

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Protestant Chicken Jokes

Greg Boyd: It’s a possibility that the chicken crossed the road. Rick Warren: The chicken was purpose driven. Mark Driscoll: Because of the rooster’s leadership. Rachel Held Evans: We’re talking about chickens here, not pigs. Pelagius: Because the chicken was … Continue reading

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