Augustine and his Nemesis Pelagius

by Charles Twombly

Pelagius was an amiable chap,

A nice man on the whole.

He thought that we had all the stuff

We needed for our soul.

The sacraments were extra help

That some need more than others;

But most of us can do just fine,

Especially with good mothers.

Augustine had a good mom too,

Though she could scheme and plan.

Might be the reason he took off

To live in another land.

Now they live in America

But still live far away; 

‘Gus now lives in Florida;

Monica’s near LA.

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5 Responses to Augustine and his Nemesis Pelagius

  1. Agnikan says:

    Pelagians interpret the Bible littorally.


  2. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    Some of my best friends are Pelagians. 🙂


  3. danaamesd says:

    Santa Monica is actually one of the nicer areas of LA – homes a bit old-fashioned, quiet neighborhoods, near the ocean so not much smog… And the terminus of Route 66 🙂



  4. Byron G. Curtis says:

    St. Augustine, Bishop of Limerick, er . . . Hippo

    There once was a lad of Tagaste
    Who oft made his mama aghast.
    In youth he’d cavort,
    And, mid-aged, he’d report
    On his crimes by Confessions and fasts.

    He learned stolen fruit never quenches,
    Nor lying abed with the wenches.
    Tho’ one bore him a son,
    It’s the guilt made him run,
    And in Truth came to face Consequences.

    By twenty he’d tangled with Mani.
    ‘Round thirty talked God in Milani.
    With Ambrosian advice
    He’ read up the life
    of poor old repentant St. Tony.

    By prosperous friends got a villa,
    and pondered on Pauline scintilla.
    “Tolle, lege,” he’d heard
    O’er the wall, and the Word
    pierced the flinty-hard heart of that fella.

    —Paul’s letter shot like ’epistolé;
    —Paul’s Romans made Auggie quite holy.
    Back home in the ‘hood
    Our Gussie made good
    As the hip Bish of Hippo, Hooray!

    c2015 Byron G. Curtis


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