Recovering the Good News of Predestination

Eclectic Orthodoxy

How can the Church recover the preaching of predestination? The key, I believe, is the recognition that in Holy Scripture predestination is good news. It is not a philosophical conundrum to be solved; it is a form of the gospel to be proclaimed—and specifically, a form of the gospel to be proclaimed to the baptized. No theologian of the Church has seen this more clearly than Karl Barth:

The truth which must now occupy us, the truth of the doctrine of predestination, is first and last and in all circumstances the sum of the Gospel, no matter how it may be understood in detail, no matter what apparently contradictory aspects or moments it may present to us. It is itself evangel: glad tidings; news which uplifts and comforts and sustains. Once and for all, then, it is not a truth which is neutral in face of the antithesis…

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  1. Bilbo says:

    I noticed one of the previous commenters quoted George MacDonald:

    “Election: a doctrine which in the Bible asserts the fact of God’s choosing certain persons for the specific purpose of receiving first, and so communicating the gifts of his grace to the whole world.”

    MacDonald’s solution would seem to make the concept of election a calling, not to salvation, but to proclamation. Those who come to faith here and now are the first fruits, chosen to communicate the Good News to the rest of the world.


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