God’s Impassible Suffering in the Flesh

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  1. tgbelt says:

    I concur re: his remark about Richard Creel (n. 28), though Creel has subsequently revised his views along more passibilist lines. The Sarah Coakley piece he notes (n. 63) is a wonderful critique of Kenotic Christologies. Gosh I love listening to her. I’d love to see Gavrilyuk do a book-length engagement of Bulgakov’s kenoticism (more than his 2005 Scottish Journal of Theology piece). I’ve been re-reading The Lamb of God and I just can’t see how it works (the Kenotic aspects of it). Anyhow, if DBH had to choose between writing a book on UR or a Christology (and the latter couldn’t ignore Bulgakov whose The Lamb of God DBH feels is the most remarkable Christology written in the 20th century), I’d send Hart his favorite Pinot Noir to write the latter.



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