How eager is Christ to save you?

We assume that the divine Savior is eager to save every human being, but a recent Onion interview reveals his that he finds annoying people as annoying as the rest of us:

“It usually brings me great joy to share my love and forgiveness with all God’s children, but when Derek sought the holy power of my redemption, I have to admit that I really wanted no part of it,” said Christ, explaining His unease over building a spiritual communion with a man He described as “all in all, pretty annoying.” “I would have been perfectly happy with never cleansing Derek of his sins and transgressions, but, unfortunately, when a believer reaches out to me with faith in their hearts, I kind of have to reach back, even if it’s Derek.”

The entire interview is eye-opening. It certainly gave me a new perspective on Christ’s work of salvation. I guess it really is work for him.

I certainly hope that I’m not one of those annoying people that even Jesus finds difficult to love.

Read the entire interview.

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3 Responses to How eager is Christ to save you?

  1. Ha! I actually live in Olathe…I think I know this guy 😮


  2. deb2 says:

    This reminds me of a piece in The Onion from waaaay back, in ancient history, before it was on the internet so I can’t find it online, probably from as far back as when The Onion published in Madison. The title was something like, “The Angels Hate Us,” and pictured, IIRC, an angel leaning against a wall, smoking a cig, and looking disgusted and exceedingly annoyed. The article reported how much the angels who are appointed to guard us hate our guts. It was hilarious, one of my fave Onion articles and I wish I could find it.


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