“In love did God bring the world into existence”

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  1. Andrew says:

    I wish there were an icon of St Isaac with a quote such as the one you have here in the scroll or book of the saint.

    On a related note, I recently found out that Gorgias Press will be publishing an anthology of syriac writings from Qatari authors which will include over 200 pages of St Isaac’s writings which have never been translated into English. It will include the complete ‘third part’ translated by Mary Hansbury as well as a good chunk of the ‘chapters on knowledge’ from part two. It will also include two from the ‘fifth part’ (!). There are some questions about authorship regarding these last writings (unlike with ‘third part’). However in the campanion volume of scholarly articles by Gorgias Press Sabino Chiala, translator of the writings from the fifth part wonders if these are a “prologue to apokatastasis”. Pretty exciting. On top of this we get the new collection of articles about St Isaac just published by SVS press!


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