The Unitive Christology of St Gregory the Theologian

Eclectic Orthodoxy

The christology of St Gregory the Theologian, writes Christopher Beeley, “remains one of the great theological achievements of Christian tradition” (The Unity of Christ, p. 182). One is struck by how Gregory anticipates the christology of St Cyril of Alexandria. Here is no God dressed in human flesh yet lacking a human consciousness, as in Apollinarius, nor a Jesus distinct from the pre-existent Word, as in Diodore of Tarsus (and later, Nestorius). The Gregorian Christ is Theanthropos, the God-man who lives a full human existence and suffers a horrifying death. In his Third Theological Oration Gregory declares the mystery of the Incarnate Son in all of its paradoxical glory:

He was begotten—yet he was already begotten. … He was carried in the womb, but acknowledged by a prophet as yet unborn himself, who leaped for joy at the presence of the Word for whose sake he…

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