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“How great is the multitude of His sweetness which He reveals to those that hope in Him!”

What human being could know all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Christ and concealed under the poverty of His humanity? For, ‘being rich, he became poor for our sake that by his poverty we might become rich.’ … Continue reading

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2015 in Review

  At the conclusion of each year, WordPress sends a statistical report to its bloggers.  I’m happy to report that this past year Eclectic Orthodoxy experienced a 47% increase in “views” (if I’m calculating the numbers correctly).  We had 340,000 … Continue reading

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Allah, Son, and Holy Spirit: The Apologetics of Oneness and Threeness

Thanks to the holidays, the internet debate about whether Christians and Muslims worship the “same” God and refer to the “same” divine reality by their use of “God” and “Allah,” respectively, has died down a bit; but the question is … Continue reading

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“Blessed be the Newborn Who today made humanity young again”

Blessed be the Child Who today delights Bethlehem. Blessed be the Newborn Who today made humanity young again. Blessed be the Fruit Who bowed Himself down for our hunger. Blessed be the Gracious One Who suddenly enriched all of our … Continue reading

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“And so our Lord Jesus Christ made in Himself the beginning of a new creation”

The bodily Nativity therefore of the Son of God took nothing from and added nothing to His Majesty because His unchangeable substance could be neither diminished nor increased. For that “the Word became flesh” does not signify that the nature … Continue reading

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A Christmas Hymn

A stable-lamp is lighted Whose glow shall wake the sky; The stars shall bend their voices, And every stone shall cry. And every stone shall cry, And straw like gold shall shine; A barn shall harbor heaven, A stall become … Continue reading

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“And so Christ is born that by his birth he might restore our nature”

A virgin conceived, bore a son, and yet remained a virgin. This is no common occurrence, but a sign; no reason here, but God’s power, for he is the cause, and not nature. It is a special event, not shared … Continue reading

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“For on this day did He Who vested Himself with humanity for our sake pitch His human tabernacle”

“Sound the trump at the new moon,” says David, “even in the notable day of your feast.” The commandments of Divinely-inspired teaching are assuredly a law for those who hear them. Therefore, since the notable day of our feast is … Continue reading

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