Good news and bad news: All are saved … Satan too

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Elder Paisios once fasted and prayed for two weeks for the eternal salvation of the devil. While praying he saw a dog’s head sticking his tongue out and mocking him. Paisios concluded from this incident that “God is ready to accept the demons provided they repent, but they themselves do not want their salvation.”

Met Kallistos Ware tells the story of a four hour car journey he once had with a Greek archbishop. Hoping to enjoy a long conversation on the topic, he asked the Archbishop, “If it is possible that the devil, who must surely be a very lonely and unhappy person, may eventually repent and be saved, why do we never pray for him?” The hierarch peremptorily responded, “Mind your own business.” End of discussion. Ware comments:

He was right. So far as we humans are concerned, the devil is always our adversary; we should not enter into…

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  1. Mina says:

    So Ilaria Ramelli wrote a [text]book on Apakotastasis…and wow! I was looking through some of it, and it has some very interesting (and seemingly comprehensive) stuff.


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