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“The metaphysics of the body and the flesh of metaphysics is love”

The metaphysics of the body and the flesh of metaphysics is love. A breathing-in of life into the empty shell of concepts, a tactile material which clothes the language in the sinews, skin, and flesh of reality. Signifiers of that … Continue reading

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Bulgakov on Apokatastasis and the Fallen Spirits

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Theodicy, Hell, and David B. Hart

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. In his recent blog post “The Morality of Gehenna,” Father Lawrence Farley defends the compatibility of traditional notions of hell with the Goodness of the Christian God.  His voice is certainly not inhumane.  He recognizes … Continue reading

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“Earth’s body, wonder of the principle of nature, and the call of that universal wonder is tangible in human flesh”

You are all fair, my companion and there is no flaw in you. Nature’s yoke-fellow, closest companion of life, is all fair. Mine and not mine, nearest and farthest immediacy. Always resistant to being pinned down to what is fixed … Continue reading

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“The privation of love always generates angry denouncers or astringent prophets”

Love emerges like the dawn and dispenses all the fears of the night shadows. That is why a radiant fearlessness is also a sign of true love. He who has experienced blessed reciprocity does not fear because he does not … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas: Is God Making it Snow?

As readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy know, I am obsessed with the relationship between divine causality/agency and creaturely causality/agency and have devoted several blogs to it, including a five-article series that begins with the physicist Stephen Hawking and ends with the metaphysician Austin … Continue reading

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“The final disarming of self-giving attires itself in the language of revelatory nakedness”

We read love in the glance, in the smile, in the grace of movement. The body speaks the soul’s language. The soul expresses life’s yearning. With the light of unbounded expressiveness. Even in the most egocentric thirst for pleasure, the … Continue reading

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