Variations on the Song of Songs by Christos Yannaras

I have started to read Variations on the Song of Songs by Christos Yannaras. After reading the first chapter, I see that it will not lend itself to ready blogging. It reads almost like a poem. I wonder what it’s like in the original Greek.

I think I’ll read a chapter a day and will periodically post passages that I particularly like, perhaps accompanied by a thought or two of my own, if I can do so without spoiling Yannaras’s meditations upon life, love, and death.

My thanks to Brian Moore for recommending this book to me many months ago.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    I also owe a debt to Brian for introducing me to this book. When I bought it, I read it straight through in one night, unable to go to bed until I had finished it, or indeed for several hours afterwards. The right time and the right place in my life, I guess. I must finally admit it is the only book of Yannaras’ that I really get. But reading it like that was perhaps not ideal, and I’ve been meaning to go back through it slowly and more meditatively. So I really appreciate these posts of excerpts.

    One thing that intrigues me about Variations on the Song of Songs is the musical structure. I’m much handier with classical music than I am with theology. I think I’m beginning to glean what Yannaras is up to in titling his sections with musical terms, and this is adding to my appreciation for the beauty of the book.

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