“Time becomes timeless, and space spaceless”

With the first sign of reciprocity an immeasurable joy wells up. The most intoxicating taste of the fullness of life is born. It is the whole world which is offered in the gaze and smile of the Other. A revelatory explosion transforming life, and the Other becomes the place of this revelation. All is new and amazing. Reciprocity in love embodies the primeval sense of the first day of creation.

In the gaze of the beloved, I suddenly recognize for the first time what a human glance means. From his caress I attempt to articulate the unknown language of touch. Every gesture, the slightest bodily movement, the barely perceptible smile, become intensely meaningful new experiences. Everything we see together, everything we touch together, every beautiful sight, everything we taste is born at that moment, innocent and new. Nothing is external or objective, everything is presence; the universe exists for me alone, an offering directed only towards me. All things acquire being, and come into existence because the Other exists. … Time becomes timeless, and space spaceless. Time and space are only here and now. Spaceless space is the non-dimensional closeness of the Other, and timeless time is the fulfillment of an enduring reciprocal self-offering. …

We live only for the Other and by grace of the Other. We give all, risk all. Every security, every assurance, our obligations, our good name, dignity and reputation. Our future plans, our aspirations. Ready to accept anything, even death, for the sake of the beloved.

Christos Yannaras

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4 Responses to “Time becomes timeless, and space spaceless”

  1. brian says:

    This is the work of Yannaras that I usually recommend to start with. It is brief, poetic, open to a mystery we anticipate, but cannot fully imagine or comprehend. Of course, the selection Father has quoted begins with paradisal nostalgia and ends with inevitable betrayal, wounding, and retreat within the confines of the ego. It takes death and resurrection to a transcendent reality to fully realize the promise of first love.


    • Fr Aidan Kimel says:

      I was hoping Yannaras might lure you back, Brian. 🙂


      • brian says:

        I’m in the middle of reading Desmond’s 500 plus page Ethics and the Between.
        A close, at times almost phenomenological reading of human freedom and the mystery of the Good. It taxes the little gray cells, but you are right, Father, that I cannot resist Yannaras. He’s too polemical against the West, but one forgives him. One of the few who really get Eros, in my opinion. Philip Sherrard and the aforementioned Desmond are trustworthy guides as well.


  2. Dallas Wolf says:

    Theoria. Wonderful. Time for a few laps on the chotki!


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