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God-damnation or Self-damnation?

“I am not going to try to prove the doctrine [of hell] tolerable,” writes C. S. Lewis in his book The Problem of Pain. “Let us make no mistake; it is not tolerable. But I think the doctrine can be … Continue reading

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“When someone who was lost has to be saved, it is not the time for passing judgment or making minute inquiries, but only for mercy and forgiveness”

All that God looks for from us is the slightest opening and he forgives a multitude of sins. Let me tell you a parable that will confirm this. There were two brothers: they divided their father’s goods between them and … Continue reading

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The Hermeneutics of Perdition: When Hell Trumps Gospel

In his article “Christian Universalism: Will Everyone Finally Be Saved?” Fr Lawrence Farley invites us to examine Scripture closely, in the confidence that if we do so, we will see that the hope of final reconciliation is false—so perspicuous is … Continue reading

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“Jesus Christ is God’s unbreakable pledge that he will save and renew his creation”

If Jesus Christ is, as we believe him to be, none other than God himself incarnate among us at work for us and for our salvation, then Jesus Christ, who is bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh, … Continue reading

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Do Unitarians Understand the Trinity?

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
In 1819 William Ellery Channing delivered a homily that has since become famously known as the “Baltimore Sermon.” It is described by many as the most important address in the history of Unitarianism. What particularly…

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Wacław Hryniewicz on St Isaac the Syrian

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“We Eat God!”

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Justice Scalia was NOT a hopeful universalist!

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