Richard Neuhaus on Reconciling East and West

On February 12th the Patriarch of Rome will meet with the Patriarch of Moscow in Cuba. I certainly do not want to exaggerate the significance of this meeting, at least in terms of concrete ecumenical consequences. Perhaps very little will result. Yet they are meeting, and that is something.

In light of this announcement, I thought this article by Fr Richard John Neuhaus might be of interest to our readers.

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3 Responses to Richard Neuhaus on Reconciling East and West

  1. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    Many of Fr Neuhaus’s articles and editorials are available to non-subscribers at First Things. Do visit the site and browse through his published material.


  2. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    I had the privilege of dining with Fr Neuhaus one evening in Baltimore sometime back in the early 90s (I think). He delivered a talk at Old St Paul’s, and then he and I and Fr William McKeachie enjoyed a long evening together. What an delightful conversationalist he was! I had the impression that I was conversing with a Renaissance man. He seemed to be informed just about everything, and he knew everyone.

    I enjoyed an email relationship with him over the years. I wish I had saved his emails. He even brought me to New York to attend one of his famous seminars. He paid all my expenses.

    Fr Neuhaus was very helpful (perhaps too helpful) when I was wrestling with whether I needed to leave the Episcopal Church. He was, if not anything else, persuasive.


  3. Frank the Hippie Pope and Patriarch Bart sing love songs–

    Thought you might like this video.


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