Baptism in the Church of the Fathers

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  1. “”Euphemius! Do you believe in God the Father, who created all of heaven and earth?” After a nudge from the deacon beside him, the boy murmurs that he does.”
    This reminds me of something Joseph Ratzinger was saying in Introduction to Christianity. Our “I” becomes a part of a larger “we” and ceases to be an “I” in our credo. We may say “I believe…” but this “I” is simply among the “we” of that which is the Church. Good to be nudged along in our journey by those sharing it with us.

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  2. Justin says:

    My youngest son (he is 9 yrs old) was baptized this past Sunday, in a horse trough not too far from where Br. Kavanagh spoke these words (not Orthodox, btw, in case that matters). He is the first of my children. The detail of the sights, sounds, touches, and smells described here remind me of the clarity with which I recall every sense as I baptized my son. People have spoken of “thin places.” I see one described by Kavanagh, and I experienced the same. My only sadness is that my recall will fade with time, and already has begun. I hope my beloved will remember as he grows older with his Lord, and that the Lord will hold my memory in trust for when I see him face to face.

    Thank you, Fr. Aidan for posting this.
    Lord have mercy on me.

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