Ramelli on Origen and St Gregory Nyssen

Given that few of my readers are in a position to read Ilaria Ramelli’s huge and exorbitantly priced monograph on apokatastasis, I thought it might be helpful to embed one of her key essays: “Christian Soteriology and Christian Platonism.” Rameli seeks to prove (1) that Origen’s eschatology has been misrepresented by scholars and churchmen in important ways over the centuries, (2) that a greater continuity exists between Origen and St Gregory of Nyssa than has been previously recognized, and (3) that both men sought to firmly ground their eschatological convictions in Holy Scripture.

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2 Responses to Ramelli on Origen and St Gregory Nyssen

  1. Mickey says:

    can you recommend a book introducing Origen’s writings, primarily on Love and Apokatastasis? I’ve seen 2 by , I think, Balthazar – any other ones, (not too heavy, if poss) thanks


    • Fr Aidan Kimel says:

      Mickey, I’m afraid I’m not a good person to ask, as I really haven’t studied Origen’s work or read much of the secondary studies.


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